Who Am I?

Toronto sex bloggerA Canadian Atheist…closet Muppet guru…married the love of my life, @LaurasPond, with whom I live with our blended family of four children (my two teen daughters, and her younger son and daughter).

I am just a guy who writes for kicks and hopes that he might get paid for it once in a while. Yes, a freelance writer for hire so long as you can live with some humour in it.

2020, in the Age of Covid

And, for the record, I finally lived in Toronto Proper…never did until May of 2013…only to have returned to Peel Region in 2015.  I have lived in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) for most of the last 30 years, mostly in what is termed as Peel Region on Toronto’s western border, with a short stint in Durham, north of the city.  Thanks to @LaurasPond, my living arrangements have changed significantly, and my writing career has moved from hobbyist to full-steam ahead.

Photo ©Jackie Brown www.videocake.tv

I currently write about 2000 words a day and try to post here, at least, weekly. That doesn’t always work, mind you; sometimes I will thrice daily as multiples are always fun. Yes, to all the labels on top a few more terms can be added: fiction writer; sex blogger…and, so the story goes.

Perhaps my little bio, The Evolving Atheist, should help…




    1. For me, Tarot reading came as a result of a Catholic priest pissing me off when I was 20. That is now, literally, 20 years ago…there really is no official way to become one other than deciding to.

      I can’t even say experience helps. Truth being that my youngest daughter, now ten, has a knack that I don’t even have…and I used to think I was extremely accurate until I started teaching my girls.

      As for the riding, my only issue is I am too tense and end up with a sore back after the fact. Working on that, however.

  1. i will lend you my tea cup so you can learn to read the leaves, too. truly it’s a novelty, but i love it just the same. i’ve never told a single fortune, but my great grandmother read the leaves, from a plain china cup, and read palms for pocket money during the depression era. there must be some gypsy in me. go figure.

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