Seven Rings for Seven Bloggers, and a Fourth Blogiversary

I wanted to say “for Seven Bloggers or Writers”…but the title is already too fucking long to begin with.


Four years.

Yeah…four years increasing the pressure on the accelerator for this budding writing career. It was a cool November day in 2011 when I first logged into my, then, WordPress hosted account and typed in the words “Stranded in Toronto”.

Actually, the term SinT had been a running joke with me for a long time.

This year, however, has been quite a year.

My first novel, book one of Savannah, was released in February. That book was about eighteen months in the making when it finally hit Kindle. Quick aside here, this year’s NaNoWriMo program will hopefully have the second novel almost completed.

In fact, to take this a bit further, I had planned to have Darwin’s Sword – Savannah Book Two out in time for US Thanksgiving…but that’s not happening. Something has come up that has me rethinking how to carry forward in Savannah…so, in fact, I will carry backward while I figure that out.

As well, this seems a good point to announce what my NaNoWriMo project is. I have kept it a bit hushed until now running with the working title of “Not a Good Book At All”.

The clue I already offered above was that I am carrying backward from Savannah. I wanted to do something new for awhile as I have been rehashing a lot of ideas lately and needed something fresh. The Savannah series had a plan for four distinct parts…Just Prey and Darwin’s Sword being the first two. Three and four both have working titles and are still more conceptual than solid so far. I was also leaving it open for a few branches off that tree as well. This one will be the first offshoot and a prequel to Just Prey – Savannah Book One.An-Irish-Fall copy

This is still going to be a working title, although I may choose to keep it, but I am pleased to say I am now more than 20,000 words into writing: An Irish Fall – A Savannah Prequel.

This may, or may not be published as an eBook. Or, and this is why Darwin’s Sword is delayed, once this is all completed it may be part of what I forward on to a publisher for the entire Savannah series.

For those that read the first book, I am curious if any can guess the connection just from this…but all in good time.

Sorry…seems I got sidetracked here…FOUR YEARS!

Last year I gave out lightsabers to seven 2014 bloggers and writers that I read often…and this year I shall do it again, but we will give out rings! Seven rings to rule…

I’ll stop the metaphor there before some copyright lawyer from Mordor comes tapping on my shoulder.

I have worked very hard on a new badge for this year (not really…compared to creating the above cover, this is simple)…and invite those below to use, caress, or mock the badge as they feel fit.

So in the words of a great philosopher…

“Shall we begin?” – Noonien Soong Kahn, Star Trek Into Darkness

We open this year by awarding a ring of fire for a new entry:

  • Just Call Me Frank – Frank was one of the first accounts I followed on joining Twitter some time back. She was also one of the few I kept following when I started my Stranded Twitter account, around the same time this blog launched. Mrs. Stranded and I also had the pleasure of meeting her two summers back. Her blog is on mental health and how her progress as time goes on. As her catchphrase goes, “We are one. We are many.”…and she has certainly been forged in fire, as time has gone on and she has thrived.

Our second award is a nose ring…and no, not one of those dainty pretty ones…this is one that leads bulls around:

  • Malflic (and friends) – Mrs. Stranded and I were lucky enough to have a chance to visit Mr. Malflic in the late spring this year, as we dragged him to the Toronto version of a TexMex place…something I have little doubt he found quaint. However, the site is a wealth of BDSM stories, information, and humour created by a number of contributors. The site also hosts a meme, The Penis Project, that I’d encourage other budding writers to join into.

We have another new entry, and we award an on deck circle (a batter’s ring!…and before you complain, be thankful I didn’t go with the donut bat-weight)…

  • F Dot Leonora – Leonora is another that Mrs. Stranded and I were lucky enough to meet at Eroticon 2014 in Bristol and, being she’s in NYC, we’re already hitting her up for ideas for when we visit in 2016. This year she was kind enough to include my story, Third Strike and a Beauty, in her Bases Loaded: Baseball Erotica anthology. Her website is generally similar to mine as she shares much of her shorter fiction or snippets of her ongoing projects with projects of other writers mixed in.

Next up we award the garter belt…a ring around the high thigh:

  • Rachel de Vine – Rachel has become a good Facebook friend over the last while and honoured me with a guest post about her new book last weekend. Her site shows she is much further along the writing path that I crave and offers all the connections to her writing.

Next award is a collar for the neck…a ring of sorts, no?:

  • Stella Kiink – Stella is a real-life friend to both Mrs. Stranded and I. We’ve shared evenings of drinks and card games. Her site is a window into her blossoming into sex blogging and story writing…and I suspect I may have had a hand in getting her writing again, though I cannot confirm…

Next we award a nipple ring for reasons that will quickly become apparent:

  • Rebel’s Notes – Marie and her husband, hard to believe, are now friends since almost the beginning of this blog. We met them face to face in Bristol in 2014, but originally connected through Molly (see below) early on. The website is brave and sexy beyond where most claiming to be sex bloggers would ever go (certainly far beyond what I would do). The site is also the host for a number of memes including Wicked Wednesday and The Fellatio Project.

This year we close with a ring for athletics…we award a set of gymnastics rings to:

  • Molly’s Daily Kiss – I am so honored to say I was kissed by Molly…but no tongue, I’m afraid. I’m sorry, but the woman never stops and makes me look lazy. I get breathing heavy just looking at her sight…yes, a euphemism and why the athletics reference. Her site is my go-to when I actually consider sex blogging rather than fiction. The site is the host of a number of memes, such as Sinful Sunday and Kink of the Week. Molly was one of the early ones to push me to write more, so I am very pleased to close this with her for the second year in a row.


  1. I was totally amazed, and very honoured, to be the recipient of your garter belt award, and shall wear it with pride. I just consider myself to be a scribbler of erotic romances, who longs to be a “proper” writer, but can’t always transfer the words from her brain on to the page, so this award was totally unexpected. I love your work, Chris, and your witty and irreverent posts. Thank you very much from the other side of that big pond, the Atlantic, and I look forward to reading more of your work in the future.
    Rachel de Vine recently posted…That Day At The LakeMy Profile

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