Cast Aside Ruins

Author’s Note:  This is part three of Sexton City. As for the characters, you’ve met Chopin before.

The Citadel by Shane GorskiThe flogger struck leaving a trail of red claw marks on the brown skin behind it.

Thunder roared its applause.

Carter pulled the flogger back again in preparation of the next swing. The handle was held in his right hand while his left stroked Macy’s ass. Next the left pulled up to hold the flogger in the crook of his elbow to assist with torque. Green eyes blazed, mouth grinned and his massive white cock erected all with excitement. He studied the brown skin of the woman on the bench before him. “Colour?”

“Are you kidding? Green, baby,” Macy cooed just loud enough to be heard over the rain pounding against the broken window. Her black hair fell over her left shoulder to the floor. Big Brown eyes looked back over her right shoulder. Beyond blood-red stiletto heels, her entire body was bare.

Chopin tried not to giggle. She always giggled when she was excited. Watching her naked husband flogging another woman did not seem the appropriate time to laugh, regardless how hot she found the scene. For such a cold room, this was a very hot scene that Chopin had almost missed thanks to a random play at the subway station. Her blonde hair fanned out behind her on the dusty chair. Sheathed in stiletto heeled boots, her legs crossed in front of her and left her toe moving to an imaginary beat. Nylons covered her legs up to thighs, allowing a hint of flesh before her skirt, blouse and jacket took over in a flood of black fabrics.

Water rained sideways, carried by Sexton City’s notorious howling winds to pound the side of the building. It poured heavy enough to make the lone street light seen from the window nearly invisible. Waves of spray came into the room.

Stark stood near the window, just far enough back that his almost eight-foot-tall frame avoided the water. His brown eyes shifted from keeping watch to his wife, Macy. His tight-cut afro glistened with the sweat of his nerves.

Chopin had little doubt he found the scene erotic as well, but suspected paranoia in such a public play setting.

Lightning gave white light to everything in the room.

The flogger struck again.

A pleasurable pain squeal slipped from Macy’s mouth.

Thunder agreed.

Carter walked around the bench until his erection pointed straight at Macy’s mouth.

Macy smiled with her beautiful white teeth, a strong contrast to her dark skin.

Chopin sighed, enjoying the sight of her husband’s cock disappearing into Macy’s mouth.

Brown lips opened and sucked, allowing it to fuck her face right to the hilt. There was no gagging.

“Stop moving!” Stark held up his hand. “Drone!”

It took a moment before Chopin could hear the buzzing of the drone over the rain. The amazing sight of Macy overcame her fear of the drone catching them. Macy’s lips were wrapped around Carter’s cock and right up to his pelvic bone. Her tongue slipped out below and played lightly along his testicles. With amazing control, Carter remained motionless.

White light of lightning flashed and illuminated the drone as it hovered outside and lifted past the window. A quick scan and it continued moving upwards to the next floor.

The flogger struck again.

“Amazing control,” Chopin groaned with a head shake. “Last time he did that to me, I bit down.”

Carter laughed. “Good thing it wasn’t too hard.”

Chopin lifted one leg onto the wide arm of the old chair. A hand slipped between her legs. As she anticipated, Stark turned his eyes to watch her. Little doubt he enjoyed watching his wife with Carter, but Chopin was sure the big black man wanted to pull her own blonde hair.

Stark licked his lips.

Chopin stared at him for a moment. “Get that tongue over here.”

His eyes shot back to the window. “But…..”

“What’s the worst they would do if they caught us?” Chopin asked with a giggle and sigh.

“Castration,” Stark answered without pause.

Carter stopped mid thrust into Macy’s mouth and pulled back. His eyes glanced over at Chopin.

“How do you know?” Chopin closed her legs.

“I’m an ex cop. Had a career before the markets.”

Carter grinned and inched his cock back into Macy’s eager mouth. “But you’re not going to turn us in?”

“Fuck no.” His eyes met Chopin’s stare. “I want to fuck that.”

“That?” Chopin said with a laugh. “I’m a that?”

Stark strode away from the window and towered over her in only three paces. “I want to use that body of yours.”

Tensing as he approached, Chopin grinned feeling her body picked up by his massive hands. The rush of adrenaline began as her body was soon airborne en route to the mattress on the floor behind the chair. With the speed he was upon her again, she completely lost sight of what Carter and Macy were doing.

On his knees between her spread legs, he ripped skirt and blouse from her leaving them in a pile of cast aside ruin. A rough unzip and his own massive dark cock pierced between her legs.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Chopin wrapped her arms and legs around him, locking her booted feet at the ankles behind his ass.

The only thing between them was the thin fabric of her bra. This was only temporary as, again, Stark ripped it open to unleash her breasts. First pinching nipples, he followed that with teeth biting down and massaging the freed hostages.

The powerful thrusts had Chopin yelping and thinking, like her clothes, she would be little more than a ruined heap when Stark was done with her.

Lightning flashed with a quick check in of thunder’s low rumble.

Much too fast for her liking, Chopin sensed Stark’s coming orgasm. She wanted this to last, but resigned herself to its quick end feeling the first warmth of his semen spurting into her.

“Mmmmm.” Stark slowed and rested his full weight upon her for a long deep kiss. Pulling out, he crawled to where his lips found her pussy. His mouth became a vacuum while his tongue slipped inside her to help suck out the semen.

With this turn of events, Chopin was no longer disappointed. Fantastic as his huge cock had been, she found Stark’s oral ability far superior especially when he added his fingers to the act. Leaning up on her elbows to watch, she could also see Carter fucking Macy from behind with powerful thrusts. “Oh yes!” she growled and put one hand behind Stark’s head to encourage more tongue depth.

Carter pulled out and sprayed white across Macy’s back.

“Fuck me!” Chopin roared through her own orgasm.

All four collapsed in their respective places, heaving for breath.

Dennis watched the window from his own place, leaning against a broken street lamp post in the rain. He had heard the screaming and knew the orgasms were finished. He also knew the group would be arrested on morality laws were they caught in this act.

Lightning shot hard and thunder agreed.

Dennis grinned and felt his fangs growing into place. He straightened and crossed the street with clicking boot heels and swishing coat.

The fact that all four parties would be found dead by police the next morning was going to be controversial enough.

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