Giant Man and the Little Woman

Overknee Boots by Banannas erotica“I deserve better!”

“Of course, you do,” Milt agreed. His tongue lapped at her clit.

“I’m damned good at what I do!”

“Yes, you are.” Opening her pussy lips with fingers, he pushed his tongue inside of her.

“You should pay me more!”

“What?” He stopped mid-slurp. “Pay more? Felicia, I don’t…”

“I know you don’t pay me.” She smacked his forehead.

“It’s not like I get paid. I do this for justice, not the economy.”

“Bastard. Make me cum.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He returned to his licking.

“Giant Man and the Little Woman…we should market.”

He stopped again. “We’re not the most politically correct of heroes, you know…”

“Shut up and get licking!”

He did.

“We could sell floggers and handcuffs.”

Mid-lick, Milt nodded his agreement.

Felicia pushed her blonde bangs up from her eyes and looked over at the costumes on the floor. “I need higher boots, too. I want hooker boots that come all the way up my thighs and buckle to my shorts, like garters. That would be awesome.”

“But I’m the hero.”

“Yes, you’re the main dude, but it isn’t you the guys are looking at, is it?” She tugged the chain attached to his collar. “Less talking! More licking!” She sat against the headboard looking down at Milt between her legs. Her blue eyes searched his bald head for answers and found none. “Not like you have to dress for fashion. You just wear that black coat, and all the girls assume you’re awesome. I have to dress like a stripper or no one would see me.”

He sighed his enjoyment as her hands ran over his muscled shoulders.

“It’s just too bad you don’t have more muscle between your ears, too.”


“Did I say to fucking stop?”

“No, ma’am,” Milt whimpered.

Her eyes widened at him to command.

He licked more.

“You worthless piece of trash.”

“Thank you, ma’am.”

Felicia smacked his forehead again. “Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

He grinned and licked more.

“We really need to turn this to profit somehow. We need an agent, I think. A talent age…oh yeah, right there.” Her words stopped and turned to moans and groans as she ground her hips into his face with her orgasm approaching. His leash was tight in her right hand, and her left found the back of his head.

He pushed four fingers into her and his tongue searched upwards. Feeling her tense, he backed off.

Felicia did not disappoint as she squirted on his face. “Oh fuck, yeah.” The squirt came in waves and soaked him from forehead to chin.

“Mmmmm.” He licked more, now that she was in the afterglow and very wet.

“Stop licking.”

He did and looked up.

“How’s your dick?”

“Hard, ma’am.”

“Good, roll over.” Felicia gave enough length of the leash to let him flip on the bed. She mounted and guided his cock inside. “I don’t know why I put up with you. It’s not like you can fly or anything.”

“No, ma’am,” he answered in grunt.

“You don’t even have a sexy motorcycle or anything.” Her free hand found his muscled abs and played over them. “All you’ve got is these fucking muscles and that damned sword. Even your cock is tiny.” She glanced at the sheathed sword leaning against the corner wall.

Milt grinned. “It gets the job done.”

At first, she thought to punish his insolence, but her second approaching orgasm softened her and she let it go. “I guess it does. Imagine just how much better you’d be if you could fly.”

He grunted again, crinkling his face trying to hold his orgasm.

She knew this look and loved making him wait. “You’re just lucky to have me.” Her hips ground down into her second orgasm. Her squirting was much more forceful this time. Both hands came together on his abs to keep her balance until completion of the orgasm.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“You can cum now.”

He did in strong warm eruptions inside her.

Felicia leaned forward with his cum dripping down from inside her along his dwindling erection. Her hands unclasped the collar. “Now, go home to your wife and show her what a useless man you are.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He dressed in his street attire of black jeans, long black trench coat and the sword attached to his belt. The coat was always open to show off his bare chest.

“Oh, and how is Georgina?”

“Good,” he said pulling on his black gloves. “She told me to say hello. Also, she wanted me to tell you that we think young Tommy can fly.”

“Really? That’s great. It seems so odd that your kid would have a super power you don’t, but great. They usually get their abilities from their dads.”

He pulled his black mask over his eyes and finally topped his costume off with his customary wide-brimmed black leather hat.

Much as she enjoyed abusing him, Felicia did enjoy his talents. “Make sure you bring her along next time. I need a more worthy lover or at least one that can fly.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He stepped to the window, lifted it open, and slipped out of the thirteenth storey apartment.


  1. This is fabulous and I am soooo glad I binned my first idea as it had very strong similarities with this, the dynamic of the superhero being sub to the female (domme) sidekick. In mine though the ‘hero’ was going to be a lot more pathetic that your character.
    Anyway, I am glad I didn’t do it now…. your is much better


    Ps… sorry for the late posting of my piece. I am enjoying these challenges so keep em coming

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