CFNM Erotica – Keeping Her Clothes On

Thigh Highs by saiyanzrepublikAmy lifted her left leg and placed the toe of her boot squarely between Steve’s naked thighs. She briefly considered the damage she could do…a good thing she liked the guy. “So now what should I do with you?”

He struggled against his restraints causing the chair to rattle on the cement floor. Such a large muscled man as Steve could have made little work of the chair…if he wanted to. A growl erupted from behind the ball gag, forcing drool out to onto his chin.

“I don’t have the strength to flog you properly, so what else?” Her brown pigtails swayed as she shook her head. Big brown eyes remained on the dark leather strands that tickled his balls. Her flowered-white mini dress rode up her thigh, exposing the top of her thigh-high boots.

The chair was the same white pine of an old school desk. It was the lone piece of furniture in the dungeon, a basement room Steve had left unfinished. Many implements hung from the wall beneath the tiny rectangular window. The St Andrew’s Cross that normally resided in the back corner had been dragged out of the room to give Amy more space to operate.

Usually, Steve was the dom in these scenarios. For Amy’s birthday, however, he gave her a play session of lady’s choice.

With all the glorious bruises Steve had given her with his floggers, paddles and riding crops; she felt it was time for turn about. After instructing Steve to completely undress, she used plastic ties to bind each of his wrists to the chair armrests and ankles to the chair legs. She choose to tease with the flogger first. Feathering it across his shoulders, she circled him and allowed it to drift down his chest until the leather strands tested in his crotch.

He enjoyed her play, closing his eyes to experience. All was calm until he felt that boot toe brush the tip of his cock. He opened his eyes to find her leaning in, eye-to-eye with him.

“Now I’m going to suck that cock,” she hissed at him.

His blue eyes widened.

With sessions every second week and her want to please him, not an easy task but Steve had instructed her not to touch him. It had been more than a year since the last time that cock had been inside her.

That cock that was standing at attention in front of Amy while she lowered to her knees with the squeak of those boot.

That cock that Amy’s lips began to sheath as her head bowed over top of it.

That cock that, the next session Steve had with her, would be the reason for a few extra paddle strokes on her ass.

For now, however, that cock was warm and wet deep in her mouth. The flogger clattered to the ground as her the nails on her left hand were tasked with caressing the scrotum. Her right hand wrapped around his shaft to milk him to his climax.

The milking continued until Steve groaned through the ball gag and ejaculated into Amy’s eager mouth. With cum dropping down her chin she stood. Walking behind him she released the ball gag and let it fall to the floor.

“Such a brat,” Steve whispered whole attempting to suppress a grin. “You will pay for this.”

“I’m not finished,” she whispered close to his ear.

“Don’t you dare. You will severely pay for fucking me.” The grin he flashed suggested he hoped she would.

Amy laughed. “I’m not going to fuck you.” Dripping with sass she strut in front if him, giving his cock a quick squeeze before walking past and out of the room.

“Where the fuck are you going?”

She returned with a pair of silver scissors. With a snip she made the binding on his left hand vanish. “So I will see you in two weeks, then?”

“You are going to be in such trouble when you release me.”

Her own grin matched his. “Have a good night.” She walked back to the room door and looked over her shoulder.

“Don’t you dare!”

The scissors fell from her hand and landed in the middle of the door frame.

“You get back over here!”

She stepped out the door.

He listened to her foot falls up the stairs and then the opening and closing of the front door.

“Fucking brat!” His smile stuck on his face as he glanced over at the scissors. He could fall in his left and drag himself over with his free arm, or…

The chair shattered with a quick tug.

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