Negotiating the Scene

“You want me to what?” Vicky’s mouth hung open as though all the air had expelled from her in that single question.

“Jasper is going to be gang banged,” Bruce said and sipped his coffee.

“And how are we filming this?”

He grinned. “Explicitly.”

Woman all in black wearing a masque. Photo by SUMARYANTO BRONTO“Fuck you, Bruce. I’ll do a lot of things, but…”

“We can always fake it.”

Her eyes widened. “You know I can’t do that.”

He grinned.

“But…?” Her face softened. She had not had a group scene in the show yet, but there had been talk. She expected a threesome scene at some point, although she figured it would involve a guy and another woman in order to get the males watching more. A gang bang as her first group, however, was a bit more than anticipated.

“The scene is an orgy that originates as part of a masquerade party. You’ll have one of those masks and nothing on but thigh high boots.”

“How many guys?” Vicky asked in more whimper than question as she hugged her sleeve-tattooed shouldered. Her black tank-top left her feeling cold at the moment.


She looked away.

There had been twelve episodes in season one and she had fucked fourteen different guys and three women during that time. What was the difference if she did them all in one scene or not?

“Just guys?”

“Three of you will be getting done, so technically no. Won’t be able to film you all together easily, but will be a total of about thirty guys involved with the three women.”

“How will you keep it softcore? You know it won’t be easy.”

“The cameras have this mystical ability to go out of focus while they accidentally catching you with a cock in your mouth.”

She giggled. “Pushing the envelope…”

“…just a little further, yes. I want you to actually do it on-screen, just fuzzy-like.”

She stood up from her chair with an uncomfortable creek as her naked ass peeled off the leather. “Okay, then, guess I’m getting gang banged.”

Bruce also stood and, like her, was in nothing but a t-shirt. The erection suggested he was enjoying the thoughts of watching her getting done this way as well. “Yes, but for now…”

Sitting on the black table top and laid back. “For now I want your cock in me.”

He moved over between her legs. Laying one hand on her pelvis, he used the other to hold his erection and pushed it in. “I’m so glad this is how we consummate business.”

“I bet,” she sighed feeling the fullness of his cock pushed into her. Her mind wandered to how it would feel…

She was on hands and knees and sucking off the salt-and-pepper haired man while the young blonde pushed his cock into her. Four others wandered around her, circling as though awaiting their turn to make her their prey. She felt so full with both inside her, and debated if she should take a third in her ass…

Her own orgasm began to grip her and brought her back to the reality of Bruce’s hips smacking her with each thrust. She raised her legs and rest them on his shoulders so he could pound even deeper. He was not that big, but he fucked her hard enough to make up for that. The oddest thought she had been how unoriginal Bruce was in his fucking…considering the ideas he had come up with for the show.

He grunted and grasped her knees. Closing his eyes, he leaned forward onto her.

I’m a pretzel, she thought and laughed through her orgasm.

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