Air Time

I guess world news has shut down today...if you believe our border mates to the south. Say what you will about the Yanks...they know how to celebrate. I could do without the turkey...just not my favourite...but sub in a steak and I'm there. Food, drink, and football...who could ask for anything more? I'm currently sitting at the pub and going to watch the beginning of the Dallas-New Orleans football game. Three other clients in the place...unfortunately, I'm the only one who isn't known. A bit annoying when they talk across the room at each other over me. However a fourth guy just came in...Frenchie...who I actually do know. I'm not sure it is a good thing, but guess I'm now a regular at this place. So will have a few drinks and a [Read more...]


Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light... - The Police This song is a funny one.  Is the guy being selfish, kind, or both... It doesn't even drive towards the question of 'why'.  Why is she putting on the red light?...does she need the money?...does she enjoy it? I recall my first 'red light' district.  Was rather a shock when I first discovered it in Winterthur, Switzerland...just outside of Zurich. It was the second time I was there for work.  The first time I had been, we had been staying somewhere else, so I hadn't noticed.  We were walking back from dinner one evening, it was dusk, and there was what appeared to be an apartment building across the street from our hotel.  There were a few orange-ish street lights around, [Read more...]

Uncle Chris, Tell Us a Story

This blog was started with a title...first fucking mistake. Second...I've two beers in and just opened a bottle of wine...there will be booze...I'm on vacation O_o If all goes as planned, this blog entry could be the longest I've ever, not in word length...just that I plan on it still being on the screen when I'm ready to take all of you to bed with me. "There were ten in the bed and the little one said MOVE OVER! MOVER OVER!" Kinky as that sounds...I suspect this bottle of wine may have me asleep and, though any goddess might be able to take advantage of me...please do...I won't be of much use by the time it is done. Mark:  One Hour What can I say?  16:00 EST...I slipped off, perhaps, an hour early from work and am [Read more...]

The Serious Lesbian Librarian

I'm very rarely serious. This is a problem. I need help. I mean, seriously...well, that's enough of that. I broke a sweat after three seconds of attempting serious thought...key term is attempting as I didn't succeed. There are certain advantages to this. Generally, even though they are getting to the age where they try to hide it, I can make my kids laugh at the littlest things. Realistically, after this, all else is just gravy as there is nothing like hearing your child giggle at something you did. As a flirting technique, humour is second to none. Once the goddess is smiling, it is not likely she'll say 'no'. It is, however, my burden to keep this super power in check as much as I applaud the raising of the skirt...I remember The [Read more...]