Didn't want to get up this morning...the doberman finally got me moving with his incessant whining...haven't quite got him trained to feed himself, yet. Call it a hunch but today will be the last day of double digit temps for awhile...ten degree swing (in Celsius) just on the highs between today and tomorrow and they're calling for only about 3 C tomorrow.  The fall is at that point where it has officially become dull...not in the boredom, hum drum sort of way...more in the rainy, overcast and yuck kind of way. BRING ON THE SNOW!  And no more of this pansy shit dusting that is here in the morning and gone by mid afternoon.  I want a good 5 or 10 cms.  The type that you actually have to kick your boots off before getting in the car [Read more...]

Chuck vs. a Hero

"Look at what's happened to me I can't believe it myself Suddenly I'm up on top of the world Should've been somebody else..." - Believe it Or Not, Theme From 'Greatest American Hero (likely written by Mike Post, but not sure and I have forgotten who actually sang it) Just sitting with my youngest watching old episodes of this show that I grew up with. Circa early 80s...everything cold war cliche...hard boiled feds...find the suit, lose the instruction book. Still my favourite bit watching old Ralph Hinkley in his red pajamas and cape...emblem on his chest was found when one of the creators of the show walked in carrying a pair of scissors. It crossed my mind that this show would be ripe for a reimaging...they've tried to bring back [Read more...]


One thing I learned from the X-Files...use vague one word titles and people go bananas with anticipation. And, by the by, bananas is not meant as any sort of innuendo to male genitalia. Also, was listening to a Big Sugar tune earlier the week, Nicotina. They sang this cool line about being the silver dollar to her slot machine... And, I of course know there is no metaphor in this, whatsoever. They meant it purely at face value without any reference to fellatio nor intercourse. Then there is that Master Card commercial that, allegedly, never aired. Something about the girlfriend's father offering to come outside and give the boyfriend a blow job if he didn't stop leaning on the intercom... I don't think that father had a sense of humour [Read more...]


"We must never feel sorry for ourselves...no matter how bad things get, they can always get worse." - The Baroness, Ever After Nothing like a bright eyed optimistic view on a Saturday morning. 'Worse' is, of course, a moving target. Part of why cheap Chinese imports are killing manufacturing in North America as workers there don't 'know better' or, in North America our workers expect too much. One does not see themselves as repressed if one is happy. Happiness, however, does tend to thrive in blissful ignorance...it does say something about blind faith which sprouts from a similar vine. When one goes godless, one never goes back. Ignorance is no longer an option, once educated, without either delusion or severe amounts of [Read more...]

Hannibal the Doberman

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...and yet here I sit, half asleep, trying to keep a twelve year old doberman from going into my daughter's bedroom and waking her...he is just not getting it O_o He's a rescue that has been on the farm for a year now, but with the cold weather it came time to move him inside.  Truth be told, I'm surprised Hanny is still with us as dobermans don't usually live long.  His previous owner passed away last year around this time...he would have been put down had we not taken him in.  Some days I regret that decision as it leaves me with no ability to do anything spur of the moment...but whatever... If nothing else, he's a good guard dog.  Lets me know immediately after anyone has rung the doorbell [Read more...]