Burn the Land and Boil the Sea

You know what the chain of command is? It's the chain I go get and beat you with until you understand who's in ruttin' command here. - Jayne Cobb, Firefly ...The combatants moved about the suspended deck like a dance. The grey walls hum with the surrounding machinery creating the surrounding air. The blue clad Operative held out his sword while the captain defended himself with a screw driver. This scene I am describing is one of the final shots from the film Serenity. Originally, this post was going to be a deposition of my thoughts on the character of Jayne Cobb...after about 500 words tapped out on my mobile, it evolved into something I didn't expect. The film Serenity...the big screen version of Joss Whedon's television series [Read more...]

Black Boots

Boots are just the beginning of fantasy. Well, women's boots...a friend mentioned how she is wearing new black boots this morning and, as in my lot, my thoughts are drooling again. I must discuss the correct usage of boots. First off, worn properly...the higher the better. Mid-calf is the absolute minimum or they do not count in this discussion. Next, once they are covered in snow and muck...useless to me. They lose their appeal. Yes, their main purpose is usually warmth...however, I propose, and perhaps much more important, that good as they look on a goddess walking along the street hailing a cab...they look much better wrapped around the naked hips of a partner while the goddess enjoys the hobble-de-ga-ga. Now, on a more serious [Read more...]

Rant About an Ex-Wife

I am steaming mad. Have a few minutes to cool off whilst my kids are busy decorating the tree with grandma, so will blow it off here. As some who read this are aware, my oldest daughter got her first job on stage doing a professional theatre show of Joseph and his Dreamcoat. With this mixed up weekend, I had the opportunity to drop her off and pick her up from the matinee they did this afternoon. First time I have done both for a single show. As my youngest and I returned to the theatre, we sat and talked for about ten minutes before heading inside. She mentioned to me how she was excited to go and see her sister's show again on her (my youngest's) upcoming birthday next week...she and her mother had already gone on opening night. It was [Read more...]

Trapped On High

The dog is trapped at the top of the stairs...seriously. This older black Doberman has made a habit of sliding or falling down them. He now only goes down when someone is with him...I don't know, perhaps he thinks they'll be softer to land on if he tumbles again. Admittedly, being an older farmhouse, the stairs are a good rake and, being uncarpeted, he does not have much grip on white paint. However, everyday he still climbs them. He returns to his perch above and lays at the top. Then the whining starts..."Help me, I want down!" Then I will go to the top. Lightly hold his collar and the two of us will make our way back to the ground. For the record, I only hold his collar with the purpose of him feeling my hand...I'm not griping and [Read more...]