Pigtails, and Those That Pull On Them

Chopper by Daniel Levy

"Thank Jesus, I didn't fall off the bed," Susan said with a giggle. "I bet," Grace agreed, brushing back her hair. "It was so small. Those hotel rooms leave no room for Marty and me to share a bed. They don't even leave a place for me to kneel and pray around it." Brown eyes widened slightly at this but did not roll. Grace liked Susan mostly for the entertainment value. "Marty and I are going to a retreat at St. Cecilia's of the Kicking Horse in two weeks. Those retreat rooms are so perfect in their size..." Grace zoned out as the breeze caught her brunette hair. Her mind slipped back to her last hotel visit when she had left town, heading east, into Calgary. It had begun as a simple visit to attend a local BDSM munch, but [Read more...]