In the Cold

Author's note: this week's Wicked Wednesday meme is to write a tale of erotica based on something that happened on, yeah, but... "Calli, this is going to be much too cold." "But we can heat it the fuck up." She grinned up at him. "Chicken? Paul, are you chicken?" Unbuttoning her coat, she dropped it from her shoulders into a pile of snow. Her naked athletic physique caught shine from the sunlight above and reflected off the blues and whites of snow below. Her naked hips moved with rhythm and grace, leading her towards a wall of white. She was as tall as he was with a similar shade of black curls, albeit much longer down her pale skinned back. "Oh, you are so beautiful and brave," Paul said with a grin as he [Read more...]

First Glimpse of Tapestry

Author's note: ...and, we're back. We all thought, with all the celebrity deaths and the idiocy of Brexit and Trump, that 2016 was a bad year. We had no idea. Anyone watching our host, Marie Rebelle's, Twitter feed knows what she's going through...and our thoughts are often with her. We've had a similar first half to 2017, albeit not as extreme. My father has had two surgeries so far, one being of the major cancer variety; Laura, my wife's father has had a recent severe setback in his battle with dimension and hearing loss; and Laura herself has been out of work for a while now. Thus the stress levels have been high, and this is my excuse for not writing at my typical clip. As such, today this excuse gets kicked to the curb. These books [Read more...]

Please, It’s Melody

He heard her moans as he walked down the dark hall. He moved slowly with the carpet muting his footsteps. A louder pleasured scream came from the door at the end of the hall. The open door to his left allowed the noon sunlight to filter in. Glancing in revealed that room to be a full washroom with little toothbrushes and stains of fruity toothpaste around the sink. The towels hanging beside the window featured some character made of strawberries. A quieter moan filled the hall. His eyes turned to the end of the hall where the door was not fully closed, but a crack of light along the left showed it would be pushed open without restraint. Glancing at the walls, he saw the anonymous, seemingly happy family photos staring back at [Read more...]