Swinging in the Temporal Realm of COVID

Two of the Toronto sex clubs re-opened in recent weeks. Pardon me, Toronto's lifestyle clubs. One of those clubs, Club M4, is a place my regular readers will recognize. In the club's initial location, along Lake Shore Blvd in Toronto's west end, it was the setting for the opening scene of my first novel, "Just Prey." It was also the club where I was honored to enjoy my first book signing event three years ago. The club's new location is just a touch further west, in Mississauga, ON. The other club that has re-opened is Club NYX in Oakville...a little further west, yet. Generally speaking, I support these clubs on what they do and how they do it. I have my preferences mostly due to how inclusive I feel some of the [Read more...]

It’s Only Towel Day – Try Not To Panic

Douglas Adams died in 2001. Hard to say, but I am uncertain that the grief over losing him twenty years ago has yet ended. With this in mind, welcome to the twentieth anniversary of International Towel Day (May 25). The day created by Douglas Adams' fans two weeks after his passing to remember Douglas and his works. The day when all the zarking froods of the world hold their towels high. A day we should all drink Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters. A day when all math answers 42. It is also the one day it is acceptable to yell two words at anyone you see: No one ever panics, of course, regardless of what the good book tells us. Well, if people didn't panic, then the Kubler Ross Stages of Grief would be useless. And, full disclosure, [Read more...]

Dishonesty of Omission

I've been listening to a lot of Ray Wilson, lately. You know him, right? No? You're not alone. Recently, I had a discussion about Ray with Lochlin Cross, host of the Locker Room on 95.7 CRUZ FM in Edmonton. Lochlin is an old high school colleague as I mention in my newest book, In One Convenient Package. Lochlin is a music aficionado and doesn't know much about Ray either. Ray Wilson replaced Phil Collins with Genesis for the 1997 album Calling All Stations. I still feel that, although Ray was not the showman that either Collins or Gabriel are, he is a much better vocalist. I've specifically been listening to an album he released in 2014 called Genesis vs. Stiltskin 20 Years and More. It's a fun live album recorded in his [Read more...]

In One Convenient Package

Just a brief note to announce the release of my newest book, "In One Convenient Package - The Adventures of a Polyamorous, Introverted and Atheist Husband - Part I" Introversion, polyamory, bi-friendly, left-leaning liberal ideas, and atheism are all things that, on their own, get many eyebrows raised in judgment. Seeing as I embody all in one convenient package, it would seem I am a glutton for punishment. Introvert for as long as I can recall, atheist taking hold in my 20s, with ethical non-monogamy and polyamory coming into focus through a seven-year (so far) open marriage. It really has been a bumpy ride combining these, and there is no guidebook on how to deal with it. Until now. Okay, not really a guidebook, but this [Read more...]

Now, Where Were We? – Polytix Episode 11

...and... we're back after 2-1/2 years with Episode 11 of Polytix. This week, @LaurasPond and I discuss the benefits of dealing with people experienced in ethical non-monogamy and polyamory, as well as some boundaries that are difficult to see when dealing with inexperienced folk. https://soundcloud.com/c-p-mcclennan/ep-11-now-where-were-we-2020-03-10-703-pm