Hanny, RIP

This was supposed to be a Sinful Sunday post, but couldn't come up with anything beyond this...with how I have written of the Doberman before, felt I had to say something. You all remember Hanny, right? Got the news last week that he passed away. He was a rescue...his owner had passed away and he ended up in a garage for a month before he was rescued.  All things considered, I was amazed he lasted that year, but seems he had almost four left.  For the first year of this site, there was many an afternoon that he was my writing partner and confident up at that little house...very often he would give me the look. ...you know that look... "You're really going to write that?  It's your funeral...now feed me.  Forget about it!"  Not sure [Read more...]

Quick Update on Hanny, the Doberman

Hanny, the doberman, still lives. In fact, a couple of weeks ago he brought his reign of terror down on a small puppy being walked past by its owner. Hanny had his leashed tied off, saw the young pup and broke my clothes line getting loose. By the time I caught up with him, the pup was between Hanny's jaws on the ground. True story, but no injury. Hanny now has many lumps that are starting to swell. Simply put, he's entering what I shall term the swoon portion of his life. One of my friend's says we are going to be burying the doberman by as early as next weekend. Another says by the end of the summer. He's been a decent mate for more than a year now, but just seems like we will not be listening to him whine while we feed the [Read more...]

Sick Doberman

Hanny the doberman has been rather ill today. Add to that a pretty obvious ear infection and I believe it is unfortunately nearing his time. He has been here for the last eighteen months since his original owner passed away. Have no idea how old Hanny is, but would guess he is eleven or twelve now...which, for a doberman is a good age. Considering he has lasted a good six to eight months longer than I expected, I am hesitant to say...but it is probably a good thing I will be taking my girls to my folks' place this weekend. Just a hunch. I am not a big pet person, but he has been good company on these nights in the middle of nowhere when on my own. I type, he yawns and occasionally whines to be fed...we have a good system. I will miss [Read more...]

A Lesson in Segways

Just sat through Miss Congeniality...yes, I chose it. It was either that or punish myself with The Expendables again, and that was not going to happen. It was not bad, mind you. Benjamin Bratt gave his normal mind-numbing performance amidst a damned fine cast. I do think Sandra Bullock should have been a comedian, which helps. Then, of course, there is Michael Caine who adds a touch of class to everything her is in. This film even was a bit of a prequel to Captain Kirk and Muprhy Brown hooking up on Boston Legal. So, the biggest decision today is whether or not to shave. I did mention that I do not do segways, right? I now sit in bed and feel my whiskers scraping on my chest as I sit up on one arm to tap this out on the ole' [Read more...]

So Much For the Flood

My two weeks of freedom is up. The term I used was that I was going to "flood" my blog with posts. Well, alleged freedom as the, now ex-job, kept me hopping more than expected. I figured to have plenty of blog time, but it was not to be. Instead, I have about ten hours until I begin the new job. The mileage will be approximately half what I was doing. The hours will be a little more predictable. I will no longer be trolling the downtown core of Toronto anywhere near as often as I was. So, here I sit under my covers tapping out one final entry before the next adventure begins. The clock says 22h41 EST. Hanny the doberman (yes, he still lives) has been out. Teeth are brushed and mouth guard is in (I'm a grinder). Alanis Morisette is [Read more...]

Uncle Chris, Tell Us a Story

This blog was started with a title...first fucking mistake. Second...I've two beers in and just opened a bottle of wine...there will be booze...I'm on vacation O_o If all goes as planned, this blog entry could be the longest I've ever created...no, not in word length...just that I plan on it still being on the screen when I'm ready to take all of you to bed with me. "There were ten in the bed and the little one said MOVE OVER! MOVER OVER!" Kinky as that sounds...I suspect this bottle of wine may have me asleep and, though any goddess might be able to take advantage of me...please do...I won't be of much use by the time it is done. Mark:  One Hour What can I say?  16:00 EST...I slipped off, perhaps, an hour early from work and am [Read more...]