The Orphan War – Cover Placeholder

She had the one man she loved taken from her. He had the one woman he loved taken from him.

Savannah and Nigel know they can’t get back what they have lost, but they are ready to lead the attack to stop this from happening again. Leading a small fleet of Earth’s orphans against the Kettelgians. They are going to end this now before it happens to another race.

But what if there was another way? What if there were more time?

From 19th Century London to the depths of outer space, they will find a way.

The Orphan War – Savannah Book 3, has been submitted to Kindle for pre-orders moments and, and pre-orders will be available later this week.

This is not the cover.

Savannah Silhouette of a woman - isolated photo of a woman

This photo will be the cover placeholder until the cover reveal in mid-September. Watch my Facebook author page for details that will post July 29 at 7:42 pm Eastern Time….yes, most of my posts go at 42 past the hour.

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