The Savannah Trilogy Continues

Darwins Sword Savannah EroticaJust Prey Savannah EroticaThis isn’t the erotic Space Opera you’re looking for.
Go about your business.
Move along.

Savannah is a trilogy. End sentence and full stop.

I’m being bad this week and adding this to the Wicked Wednesday meme even though it isn’t an erotic story and has nothing to do with this week’s prompt, Zombies. My friend Marie Rebelle, who runs the meme, has been an outspoken fan of Savannah since the first short story, so I figure I can get away with this.

*bats eyelashes at Marie innocently*

In May of 2013, when I first penned the short story that became the opening scene of Just Prey, the plan was hatched for something much bigger. My delusions of grandeur on this story got the better of me. Savannah was my first attempt at writing a space opera with thick doses of erotica and a splash of horror. There were to be other characters and stories to move the Savannah Universe forward.

It just hasn’t worked that way. The erotica and horror, absolutely, but not the space opera.

As I’ve taken my first scribing bites into The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three, there is a definite end to this saga. And technically, I’ve already written that ending.

Thus, not space opera.

Clarification, if I may. Science fiction, erotica, horror, thriller, historical fiction, and urban fantasy are all fantastic genres for a story. In a sense, Savannah has touched on each of these but resides mostly in the sci-fi and erotic realms specifically.

Those of you that have read Just Prey will realize that I slipped “historical fiction” into that list which is not even remotely part of book one. Let’s call that a hint of what’s to come. And, further to this, Darwin’s Sword will have historical characters from both the 19th and 20th Centuries that will carry on into The Orphan War.

Space opera would mean that Savannah was merely a character in this universe that appears as a heroine for a while before the world moves on. When one looks at traditional space operas, such as Star Trek, there are characters with stories within the same universe that never intersect. Star Trek began with James T. Kirk on a five-year exploration and moved on to Janeway and Chakotay stranded millions of light years from known space.

The Savannah universe isn’t moving on. Savannah was the story, still is, and always will be.

In twelve days Darwin’s Sword releases and I believe my readers see this more clearly. When The Orphan War – Savannah Book Three is published on October 7, 2016, it will be severely obvious that there are no further steps for Savannah’s universe.

It isn’t space opera.

My follow up to Savannah is already beginning to bubble in my brain, however, just may be. More on that later.

Savannah is almost three years in the making. During my visit to the Calgary Stampede in July of 2013 was when I first realized she had more potential than my usual short bits on this site. On finishing Darwin’s Sword in February of 2016, I realized that the curtain on this story will be closing. I have very mixed feelings on this.

To say I am excited about the release of Darwin’s Sword and The Orphan War is an extreme understatement. Even just seeing the book covers excites me. I haven’t shown The Orphan War cover yet, and I cannot wait to do the reveal in late summer. Robin Ludwig Design has done a fantastic job on all three, and The Orphan War cover is my favorite.

I keep thinking there could be a fourth and fifth edition yet, but as I complete The Orphan War the less I feel that. I am ready for a new project and, as mentioned, ideas are floating around the noggin already that might be the next path.

It should be fun, just as writing these adventures should be.

To you, my friends, thank you for reading. Your comments, reviews, and nudges mean so much. It tickles me to know I have an audience that enjoys what I do.

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  1. It’s only because you batted your eyelashes that I am allowing this 😛

    No, seriously. I am honored that you have linked this to Wicked Wednesday. I will be sad to see the Savannah series end, but I can’t wait to see what your next project will be. I’m not only a fan of Savannah, I am fan of your writing… and you too 🙂

    Rebel xox

  2. This whole post is a cause for celebration in my opinion. I can’t help but think back to those early days when I discovered you in your blogging infancy. My favourite series of stories over the years is the one set in the theatre, I just thought they were so clever and I also have a bit of a thing for ghosts so it just totally worked for me.

    Hurrah for Savannah, even if she is coming to an end, she has certainly left her mark on things

    Molly recently posted…Elust 80My Profile

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