1. geekynsexy

    I remember onece when myself and the Mrs. were in the Library bar. Everyone around the bar was commenting on the porn. On the bruise on the actresses’ bum, a couple of errant hairs missed while shaving, etc. Essentially on everything *except* the titilation of the porn itself. There was way too much live titilation going on around us!

    • That depends on what you’re wanting. I’ve not been there on a Wednesday, so can’t speak specifically to the vibe that evening, nor anything. I suspect you will enjoy so long as you don’t expect too much.

  2. Nick


    My girlfriend and I would like to know how we can find out more about bdsm events and venues in Toronto. The liberty village stuff you mention – were those more like private parties or are there clubs for this sort of thing?

    If it’s more like private parties how does one meet the type of person who might invite you to this sort of thing?



    • Easiest way is on Fetlife through the events. They do them geographically, so pretty easy to find locally. If you want, email me and I can give you some more specific pointers.

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