Spine Shivers

Jamie’s black curly hair was being held up from her neck by Tom so that Joe could nuzzle her neck.

How the hell did I get here? she thought…but quickly pushed it away with thoughts of gift horses and mouths, or more importantly what would soon be in her mouth.

Both men had her pressed against the wall of the tiny hotel room hall. It was Tom’s room, and his computer was open on the desk and playing an old Chicago tune that, being the bedside clock read 3:34 AM seemed rather appropriate.

Photo by artorusrexSpeaking of things that would soon be in her mouth, she could already feel both erections humping her nyloned legs through the fabric of each man’s pants.

The three had met at the conference today. A meeting of some creative minds to discuss writing…erotic writing, specifically..is what Jamie had been there for. The two men were there for a sports league meeting of some sort in the next room. The day led to cocktails…and Jamie invited the two nice young men from the other conference…and the cocktails would soon be leading to cock tales.

Joe spun Jamie around and thrust hard against her tight little black dress. He towered over her standing, her head barely coming up to his shoulders…and she was in bloody high pumps. He then grabbed her dress by the either side of the zipper that Jamie had so much trouble doing up by herself before the drinks…and he ripped.

A tinge of guilt struck her as to how she would explain her need for a new black dress to her husband when she got home…but again, gift horses and her want to suck cock quickly sent that away.

Joe backed away and pulled the dress to the floor. Both men’s gasps showed their approval of her black bra, panties and stockings held up by a matching garter.

With this approval, Jamie felt she had reached MILF status.

The music changed to some guy named David Bowie singing of young Americans.

Tom pulled her from the wall and tossed her onto the bed. He was not close in height to Joe, but his chest and six-pack muscle bulge was ten-fold in comparison. His nose having obviously been broken gave of a bad-boy feel.

Jamie squealed. In her writing she had often mused and dreamed of two men…but her vanilla life was her main reason for the wild fictions that she wrote. The image she now had, from her back, of two younger men unzipping in preparations of sharing her…this was better than she had imagined it…even if she was still tipsy.

Both pairs of pants and briefs hit the floor.

Her blue eyes widened at the massive beasts that would soon be inside her.

Tom was on top of her first, spinning her again, this time onto her front. His hands snapped the bra strap.

Ever so briefly, Jamie’s mind saw drunken dollar signs at what this was going to cost her.

Joe knelt on the bed behind her and ripped the black panties.

More dollar signs washed away fast as Jamie felt Joe grab her hips to drag her up to hands and knees. Her spine felt a shiver of anticipated pleasure ripple through it. In her normal vanilla life, she would have complained about preparation and lack of foreplay…but her kitty was so wet and ready when she felt the head of Joe’s cock opening it and pushing in deep. “Oh, fuck yeah…”

Now Billy Joel crooned from the computer about who was starting fires…apparently, it wasn’t “we”.

Joe grabbed her curls and yanked.

She squealed again and opened her eyes. Those big blues widened again as she found herself face-to-cock with Tom. Opening her mouth, for the first time ever, she felt the penetration of two men at once.

Her blowjob was not as skilled as she would have liked. First off, due to vanilla-Brad at home, she was a bit or of practice. Second, with Joe’s violent thrusts from behind, the blowjob she gave Tom was much more about Joe’s rhythm than hers. Third, the earlier drinks had the entire event feeling like am awesome out-of-body foggy escape.

After not too long, the men traded places.

Then, again, after not long, Tom pulled out from behind her. “Anyone else want to hydrate?”

Both nodded and rested.

Tom walked to the bar fridge and pulled out bottles of water.

Joe settled onto his back beside her.

Jamie could simply not resist and mounted him.

Tom stood back and watched while he opened each of the waters. “You two look fucking gorgeous together.” He then handed one bottle to each before downing his.

Joe made quick work of his as well.

Jamie drank half, then putted the rest in Joe’s chest so she could lean forward and lick it off.

It seemed that Tom, too, could not resist as he knelt behind Jamie.

At first it hurt, but Jamie wanted it. Her liquor tipsy state helped her relax, and soon she had one in her pussy and one deep in her ass.

Vanilla-Brad would never do this.

She rocked between the men, feeling their balls crushing against each other beneath her.

Both men crashed…now almost five by the clock, and they were both finished. Tom disappeared to wash, but soon all the bodies were cuddling on the bed.

Knowing she would never have this chance again, however, Jamie was not finished. The Journey tune that the silly teen karaoke show had nearly destroyed told her she could not stop.  She slithered down, grabbed both penises and was able to pull both men to their sides.

She then was quickly able to reestablish just how good her oral skills were, taking each into her mouth in turn…at first…and then she experienced another first as she rubbed the two heads together and took both into her mouth at the same time.

The drink having worn off, she just experienced it and completely enjoyed.a

In a complete coincidence, she was also finally able to coax each of them to cum while both cocks were in her mouth…and she swallowed every drop.

She smiled at her boys and licked her lips…completely oblivious that she had just had a threesome with the star goalie and defenseman for the Oklahoma Vigilantes.

A minor point, it had seemed, until she saw Vanilla-Brad waiting for her at the arrivals area and that the black underwear and dress the boys had bought for her…to replace the one they had damaged…cost more than Brad’s car.

She smiled and kissed him.

“How was it?”

“Very inspiring. Gave me some great ideas.”

He smiled back and bear hugged her.

Her done shivered. “Oh Brad? When do the Vigilantes next play here?”

He stopped a moment. “Hockey? Since when do you care about hockey?”

She shrugged.  “I thought they were a football team?”

“I’ll check when we’re home.”

She grinned. Her mind knew she had done work to do. I want a foursome. Her spine shivered in anticipation.


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