Manly Eros in the Wild West #snaperotica

Fuck me, she was tall. She was blonde, too…which usually does not work for me, but add on a black Stetson, tight black miniskirt and black cowgirl fmbs…never mind the pierced tongue she “accidentally” flashed while taking my order.

Many thoughts go through a guy’s mind where that tongue is concerned.

With her cowgirl heels, she was taller than I am. In flats, she would be close…the eye contact would be amazing.

Big and Rich are singing from above…

Save a horse…ride a cowboy!

Then this brunette sat down beside me.

City to the blonde’s country…in her stiletto black pumps, knee length cream skirt-suit and blue eyes that would have most guys cumming in their jeans.

The image of an empty bar wafts through my mind…blonde bent over a bar stool at the perfect height for me to slip into her from behind and grab a fistful of hair so I can push her into the pussy of the brunette, sitting spread-eagle on top of the bar…Good eatin’s!

Another thought of the blonde on one of the booth takes, straddling the brunette’s face while I lift the brunette’s ass to the level where my erection just slides in…leaving her being fucked while nearly suspended above the ground…her breasts bouncing with each thrust of my cock into her, and the blonde squealing with each flick of the brunette’s tongue.

Third scenario had them in missionary make out session in the bartop with the blonde.s legs locked at the ankles around the brunette while my tongue runs from pussy to pussy between them until I taste cum from both together.

Drew blinked at Brad and took a long gulp of beer. “Man, I like the images, but you can’t write erotica for shit!”

“Can, too. I’m writing from experience,” Brad countered.

Both laughed.

“Yeah, like Trudy would let you have a threesome with two you meet at the bar. That is just too funny.” Drew noticed the tall blonde looking over from behind the bar. The shy smile she gave Brad stopped his laughter.

Brad winked at her. “Who says Trudy knows?”

“You wouldn’t…” Drew’s words vanished as the blonde at the bar offered an out right smile that flashed a touch of silver in her mouth.

Brad shrugged.

“How was the blowjob?”

“From which one?”

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