High Kicking for #SinfulSunday

This week I am hiding out in my hometown during the world’s biggest rodeo…The Calgary Stampede…and nothing says cowboy and western like a certain fetish I have.

Let’s see if you can guess, shall we…

Did you figure it out?  Am I being too subtle?  How about this one…

Come on, now…you must have figured it out.  Admittedly, even higher is better, but…okay, let’s try another one.

Yes, the boot…or in this case the cowgirl boot.  Perhaps not as high as some, but jumpin’ jehosafat do they look good when done up right.

Something about that western garb is so hot and right now, flooded out two weeks ago or not, the City of Calgary is awash with gorgeous sexy cowgirl boots…

As a football purist, I am not a big one on cheerleaders, but with those boots…

Okay, now I have focused on the cowgirl boots…but how about something for the women out there…they always want their man, no?

Okay…a bit blurry…I’m sorry.  But how about this one?



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