• Not really as I forced this one a bit on purpose. I was actually trying my hand at mimicking Douglas Adams’ complete left field humour by personafying the shirt, for example…”It hung in the sky much in the way bricks do not.”. Parts of this one work for me, but not all of it. I actually cut out a bit when the shirt is talking to its buddies about its success, as that was just too much.

      I will try the Adams thing again, but wasn’t feeling this story the way I need to in order for me to expand upon it.

  1. alive_she_cried

    This made me giggle. Not only because I like being chased in my panties, but because I’ve had morphine dreams almost exactly like this one!

  2. Very naughty and I did love the humour. There is nothing in this world more sexy than a person who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. And noting more seductive than a good laugh.

    PS I am also a huge fan of Douglas Adam’s humour.

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