Why Couldn’t It Have Been OJ?

Seems ironic to me, after my “Nice Beaver” post yesterday that I must say this today:

RIP Leslie Nielsen

As I have said before, I am not a celebrity watcher. I do not worry about what Bradgelina are doing with the army they are currently raising before looking at how my kids are raised.

However, today I add a fifth to my list of deceased celebrities that affected me. The list, until yesterday:

Douglas Adams
George Carlin
Robert Palmer
John Ritter

I lean towards those with a sense of humour. Neilsen, on my list does hold the distinction of being the lone Canadian so far.

Originally from Saskatchewan, Neilsen was 84.

Leslie…thank you for making me laugh and think…not sure anyone outside of Canada might have seen some of your charitable works. If there is an existence beyond this, sir, and you do run into another being…don’t let them call you Shirley either.

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