no idea why this is in a public park by Richard Schatzberger

Dogging and Spanking Approach

“You have any limits I should be aware of?” Ellen pulled Travis by the hand through the park. “Limits? Well, I don’t really want to get caught by the cops or anything.” “Yeah, that’s not why I do this either. I’m good being caught by others wanting to join in, but not being caught.” “No […]


Swingers Fiction Review – Cooper S. Beckett’s “A Life Less Monogamous”

I was given a copy of Cooper S. Beckett’s new novel in exchange for an honest review. Now, I’m no literary reviewer, but let’s see if I can make this puppy fly, shall we? It is a story of Ryan and Jennifer as they being their journey outside the traditions of monogamy. A new friendship […]

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