Toronto Pub Affair – An Erotic Writer’s Review of the Foggy Dew

Toronto Pub, The Foggy Dew

My darling, we have enjoyed three years together in secret. Three years of drinks, meals, and glorious sexual innuendo. But, alas, our time is at an end. I must end this. Though I was vague to protect our tryst but many of my readers would recognize you, my gorgeous mistress...I have often described your sensual nooks and crevices, your aged woodwork, your playful barmaids, and your glorious beer selection in my stories. I did not, however, criticize you for shortening up on your menu and no longer allowing me the luxurious and luscious taste of steak and Caesar. I kept my mouth shut for fear of pushing you away. Not sure why I bring it up now, as that is not why I am ending this affair. And it was an affair. With your kilts, [Read more...]