Beneath the Watchful Black Walnut

My Park Bench by Vince Alongi

Author's note:  This is the epilogue for a new series, which may never make it to this site as it is rather different than my normal subject matter. This epilogue, however, hits the mark rather well. "You're not serious." Herman nodded with lips forming into a toothy smile. His balding head caught the shine of sunlight that camouflaged the light fringe of blonde hair he still had. "All the fetishes at once. Well, except the snow as we'd have to wait eight months. You agreed to this, Amber." He halted at an iron bench with a dark wood seat. Pulling a towel out of his murse, he laid it on the bricks at his feet before sitting down to the squeaking complaint of the dark wood. The tiny iPod and speakers were set on the bench beside … [Read more...]