Leading From Her Knees

Spit virtol, not swallow by Relationshit-s

Author's note: Suppose I should mention that this is part four of Miss Direction. Bobbi felt the warmth of it on her tongue before the tart taste sensation followed. With grunts and both of his hands grasping behind her head in an effort to push deeper, his enjoyment was obvious. But what was his name? His tiny erection, Bobbi assumed, was why he had first tried to hire her. Henceforth, her mind would forever know him as Tiny. And tiny as Tiny was, his supply of cum was impressive. A second assumption was that Tiny was married, unless the wedding band on his left hand was some sort of spy disguise. Laying between his legs, her bare breasts brushed his thighs as she slid her mouth up his cock. Her black skirt, stockings and knee-high … [Read more...]