The Uninvited

"Bandera Swinger" by Sombrasdeted - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Part I Bill stood and watched the couple. The man had hold of her red hair as though holding the reins of a horse. Kneeling behind her, the man motioned his hips to thrust into her with a thunderous clap against her ass. Bill grinned and opened his own towel. His own cock, already hard, was stroked as he continued to watch. Stepping around the mattress, he positioned himself in the man's peripheral and towards her face. The man glanced up at his with an annoyed raised eyebrow. Sure it was May...Masturbation Month...but Bill wanted more. He nodded at the man and moved closer until the tip of his erection was mere inches from the woman's face. He stroked it with his aim towards her mouth and awaited her to open those luscious red [Read more...]

Head (How to Fellate the Oh)

Photo of a photo from Stallin's Yacht by crystalmartel

Let's discuss head. You know what I'm talking about. That bowling ball shaped thing, when shaved, that evolution created the neck to hold up. In fact, one could argue that the legs are simply there to increase head potency. Of course Legs, by ZZ Top is now playing in my mind's eye. Okay, not the head we should actually be discussing at all. No, no. The type of head that must be discussed is one that is usually too taboo for anyone to find a "How to" book on. You know what I'm talking about. The type of head that usually makes the eyes, housed in that bowling ball that the neck holds in place, roll. Yes, just imagine that sound he makes when it hits the back of the throat of the one giving head. Okay, are we all on [Read more...]