Covers to Covers

The mobile phone announced it was six thirty by playing the opening of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. An arm shot out from under the covers as Darryl attempted to destroy the menacing mobile. “Get up, sleepy,” Meg murmured. With her right knee on the side of the bed, she leaned in and kissed Darryl’s cheek. “You need […]

Orphan War NEW[2]

The Orphan War…Every Trilogy Has An Ending – Cover Reveal

Yes, it seems it is that time. Savannah and Nigel know they can’t get back what they have lost, but they are ready to lead the attack to stop this from happening again. Leading a small fleet of Earth’s orphans against the Kettelgians. They are going to end this now before it happens to another […]


Alpha of Dominance and Control

Meg pushed her hips back hard, feeling his tongue claiming her. Her knees, red and sore, shook with the want to no longer stay still. Evan, on his back beneath her, lapped at her pussy. “I do love tasting my cum from you.” She giggled and twitched but, as Evan had commanded, she stayed on […]

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