Fifi 10 – Red Rose

Bulldog Vanilla by Moto "Club4AG" Miwa

Fifi lowered his head onto his paws and closed his eyes. As sleep began to take him, his eyes fluttered open and saw the red roses in the glass vase sitting atop the coffee table. His mind numbed and began to wander... ... His eyes fluttered open. "Shit," he gasped, "I must have nodded off." The rose sat on the table before him. It lay across a white handkerchief in between all the makeup that seemed, oddly, as usual suspects. Fifi looked up at the mirror and jumped. Looking back was a man with black hair, a dark mustache and big brown eyes. His shirt was white and sleeveless, showing off large muscles. His stretchy pants matched the shirt in both tightness and colour save for a red stripe running down the outside of each … [Read more...]